Young Professionals: Top 5 Things to Consider Before Taking That First Job

Young Professionals: Top 5 Things to Consider Before Taking That First Job

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It’s always an exciting time when you’ve found that first full-time, paying gig. After all the interning, interviewing and waiting, you can breath easy knowing you’ve finally got the job and you have a clean slate to work with in building your professional portfolio.

But in making the choice on whether the gig is even worth investing your time capital, Brazen Careerist offers a list of a few vital things to consider to ensure you’re make the right choice:

1. Experience you’ll gain. In the grand scheme of things, does this job play a pivotal role in pushing you toward your professional goals?
2. Potential for advancement. Will you hit an unavoidable glass ceiling or be stuck with no way to move on up?
3. Benefits. This goes beyond salary. Is your health insurance adequate. Does the pay match what it will cost to live comfortably in that particular location?
4. Company history
. Have you done your due diligence on the company’s stock value, business practices, employee turnaround and potential for success?
5. The environment. Does the actual office or culture match? Will it be more of a corporate or startup vibe?

All of the above are vital things to consider before saying I do to an employer. Your first job could be the spark that catapults your success or it could be the road bump that hinders it.