Career Rerouting: How to Reverse a Bad Professional Decision

Career Rerouting: How to Reverse a Bad Professional Decision

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(Image: Thinkstock)

There’s often a focus on career choice and making the right one. But, isn’t life about experiences? Sometimes, you won’t know what’s best until you’ve experienced what’s not.

So, what if you went down the wrong road when it comes to your career? One writer, based on her own personal experience with a detour, details a few things you can do to re-strategize and get on the right track:

Focus on what you love so much about your career of choice.

Maybe you’re one of those people whose job suddenly went “poof!” Or, all the jobs in your field seemed to evaporate while you were in school. Either way, the lack of jobs doesn’t change your passion for that job. There’s a reason you decided to pursue that particular degree and career.

Figure out what drove you in this direction. Then, start to brainstorm what other careers might require those same skills and passions.

In my case, I loved the way sentences could be put together to tell stories. I loved that words could make readers feel something or teach them something new. And I loved to geek out over proper comma placement and sentence structure.

I didn’t have to be a journalist to maintain my passion for all those things. As a copywriter, I still get to tell different kinds of stories. And I still get the satisfaction of agonizing over every single word and piece of punctuation to craft the perfect sentence.

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