Quick Tips to Avoid Grammar Mistakes on Your Resume

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Avoid Resume Mistakes

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Hey, everyone makes mistakes, but some could cost you big time. When it comes to job seeking, you want to put more than your best foot forward, from your resume and cover letter to your interview and follow up. Don’t let a few writing mistakes ruin your chances of getting the opportunity of a lifetime.

Brazen Careerist offers tips on how to avoid common grammar mistakes:

Use consistent formatting: Choose a format, and stick with it! Having bullet points in one section of a resume and numbers in the next is distracting. Make sure all your fonts are the same type, size and color (which should always be black). Review your resume or document for general uniformity, and if one section stands out, tweak it to match the rest.

Checking for all these seemingly minor errors might make you cringe, but many resources online can help. Websites such as Words, Answers and Handbook are just a few of the online resources you can use to catch mistakes and improve your writing.

Good resume writing can help you land that dream job interview—and, once that’s in order, you can take advantage of that perfect handshake.

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