Then and Now: 10 Gigs That Didn't Exist Before, But Are Now Booming

Then and Now: 10 Gigs That Didn’t Exist Before, But Are Now Booming

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

With any new year comes greater innovation, a shift in trends and unavoidable changes, especially in terms of employment. This year is no different, with the economy still struggling (but on the up and up) and employers re-strategizing how, who, and when they hire.

What’s interesting is that the tech industry has seen major gains, as it remains at the forefront of … well, innovation and trends. When it comes to jobs, many that did not exist five years ago are now booming options for those who want to take on the challenge and really engross themselves in careers that not only show growth but have more salary potential to boot.

Check out this infographic, via LinkedIn, of hot gigs that weren’t even fathomable to companies five years ago but are now high in demand and returns. From social media professionals to data gurus, be inspired by the possibilities out there to leverage your skills and revamp your career:

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