Job Search Like a Salesman

Job Seeking: How to Seal the Deal Like a Salesman

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It’s such a competitive market for job seekers, no matter the industry. Winning professionals who find themselves employed—whether in a down economy or not—are often good at self-promotion and marketing, almost like a good salesman can convince a snowman to buy ice. From their confidence to their pitch to their strategy, you can take a cue from tactics sales professionals use when you’re searching for your next job opportunity.

Career expert Rich Jones knows a thing or two on how to do that. He details on how you can streamline your efforts and get real results:

Track Your Outreach

It doesn’t matter if you do with Excel, a Word document or a notepad. Every time you apply to a job, you need to record it. Your goal with this is not only to sit back and say, “I applied to some jobs today,” but to see how many applications it takes to generate activity (an interview). Though it may take some time, you can set a goal. It could be something like, “For every 10 applications I send out, I’d love to get one interview.”