9 Steps to Advance Your Career

Higher Up: 9 Steps to Advance Your Hustle

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If you’re not progressing, you’re stagnant. And that’s never a good look. Moving forward in your career requires more than work. It’s about following a plan of action and seeing results. Writer Tonya Garcia offers help with that, detailing nine steps to advance your hustle:

Get Your Social Media Game Going

We’ve thoroughly covered some of the things you can do to make your LinkedIn profile great. And many prospective employers will take a look at your Facebook profile, so make sure that’s ship-shape. But for many companies and industries, being social media savvy means more than just LinkedIn and Facebook.

For anyone in the design industry, for instance, it means having a robust Pinterest presence. For a candidate seeking a consumer-facing position, it might mean having a strong Twitter profile. It’s not so much the number of followers you have or who’s following you (though that helps). It means showing that you’re open to technology and able to use your knowledge to benefit the company.

Buy a New Suit

Sounds trivial, but you sit up straighter and take a little more care with your appearance when you’re wearing something new. And a suit – an investment piece that should also be tailored and pressed properly – will have you looking sharp with minimal effort in the morning.

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