How Job-Hopping Affects Your Career

How Job-Hopping Affects Your Career

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The debate surrounding how long an employee should remain at their job before moving brings about many pros and cons to a working professionals career trajectory.

According to data from the staffing firm, Ajilon, provided by Business Insider, the perception about job-hopping and the negative impact it’s perceived to have on someone’s professional success is changing. Results from the survey show that 55 percent of HR professionals have hired a job-hopper before, with each generation having a different perspective about how long someone should stay at the same job. Amongst millennials, 13 percent believe employees should stay at the same job for at least five years, compared to 41 percent of baby boomers. While the data shows that professionals can see an average 10-20 percent salary increase after changing jobs, the drawback to job-hopping is that employers may get the impression that the employee is not loyal or reliable.

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Before making the decision to leave your current job, experts from the survey suggests professionals ask themselves the following questions:

1. What do I want from my career?

2. Have I made the most of my current role?

3. Why do I want new opportunities?

4. Where has the greatest long-term potential?

5. What’s my industry norm?