Heading to Work Abroad Post-Graduation? Here's a Checklist for You

Heading to Work Abroad Post-Graduation? Here’s a Checklist for You

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So you’ve graduated and landed your dream gig at a global company. Or you just got a job working at a global arm of your company’s offices. You may be nervous, fearful and excited at the same time, but you can combat the negative feelings by having a solid plan for your travels. Check out these tips:

Prepare to be scared. When the excitement of the new job has died down and you have no weekend visitors, you may end up feeling alone. Very alone. Anticipate this, plan for it and find ways of reducing the likelihood of it happening.

How would you solve this problem if you were at home? By exploring a new part of town? By taking up a new hobby? By joining a local Meetup? Exactly. The same theory applies here: try something new.

Ask everyone you know at home if they have any friends in your new city. You can also speak to HR about any other expats who have joined your company. Get to know them and ask them for tips on how they adjusted.

Have an exit strategy. Give yourself a grace period for the transition abroad and have a plan to move back if you need to. Don’t cut all your ties to home just yet. Put things on hold as much as possible. Instead of selling your possessions, you can put them into storage. Your doctor doesn’t need to know that you’ve moved right away. Does your house need to be rented immediately?

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