Got Multiple Passions? Top Careers Perfect For You

Got Multiple Passions? Top Careers Perfect For You

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Sometimes it may seem you have many interests and skills that don’t necessarily fit into a box. You’d like to pursue them all if possible, ensuring you’re truly fulfilled in your career. Well, you don’t always have to forfeit one for others. There are ways you can incorporate several passions into your job.

Writer Emilie Wapnick tells how you can actually make being a Jane or Jack of Many Trades an asset:

Where to Start: Any career can be made more plural if approached with the right considerations. Here are a few things to think about when designing a career around multiple areas:

Play to Your Strengths: You don’t want a career that will require you to perform one skill repeatedly. As a multi-potentialite, this will not be fulfilling. Instead, look for a career that requires you to use skills like idea synthesis, lateral thinking and fast skill acquisition in your daily work. These are qualities that come about naturally as a result of having a diverse background. They are what I refer to as the multi-potentialite super powers.

If you are good at translating between modes of thought, for example, then working as a researcher or project manager might be fulfilling, since it would involve working with groups in different areas and bringing a larger vision to life.

If you enjoy synthesizing disparate ideas, then an interdisciplinary field like architecture, which combines design and engineering, or a career in the arts like documentary filmmaking or media production, might be a good choice.

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