Young Professionals: Your Guide to Overcoming a Bad Work Week

Young Professionals: Your Guide to Overcoming a Bad Work Week

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So you’ve had the work week from hell and you don’t know how to cope. Well, it’s good to have a strategy for dealing with challenges, especially when it comes to your career. This won’t be the last time you’re faced with difficulties that could ultimately affect your productivity and advancement. Try this strategy to face hardships at the office:

Put your neutral face on. Controlling my expression was a skill I had to master or risk exposing my every emotion. Keeping a neutral expression on my face helped me to feel in control despite everything that was going on beneath the surface.

Maintaining a normal expression was necessary for keeping my personal problems separate from the work day. I knew that one “Are you okay, Erin?” from a well-meaning coworker could send me into tears, so putting on my business-appropriate game face helped set the tone for my workday.

Schedule your entire day. Idle time doesn’t help when you’re facing a lot of outside stress. Knowing you’re more likely than usual to get distracted means organization is even more important. Take time at the beginning of the workday to create a schedule. If anything on your schedule is particularly stress-inducing, give yourself a bit of time before and after to get prepared and decompress.

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