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Wrapping Up a Great Performance

article-fourThe culminating moments of your interview can be your last chance to solidify in the mind of your interviewer that you are the right person for the job. As an interviewee, you want to make sure that you take every opportunity to make a strong case as to why they should hire you.

These four simple steps will help you leave a lasting impression and bring you that much closer to cinching the position:

Ask for the job. “Most people don’t ask for the job,” stresses Marlon Cousin, a managing partner at the Marquin Group and interviewing expert. Be careful not to sound desperate or arrogant, but you want to be clear communicating that you are interested in the position and you look forward to making a strong contribution to the company.

Even though you may think that your application to the position clearly showed your intentions, it doesn’t hurt to drive home the point before the conclusion of your interview.

Directly address concerns. Ask the interviewer if they have any reservations about your ability to perform the job. If they express any doubts, don’t just deliver the rehearsed statements about how you’re goal-oriented or that you’re a team player. Focus on offering specific reasons that affirm your qualifications for the role and that you are right person for the organization. Your goal is to leave no doubt in their mind that you can do the job.

Know what comes next. Never walk out of an interview assuming that your face-to-face is the conclusion of the process. There could be a host of other steps necessary before a candidate is actually chosen for the position. Find out whether there will be another round of interviews or whether the references you provided will be checked.

Most importantly, find out when you can expect to know their final decision. This point in the interview is also a great time to collect the appropriate contact information you will need in order to conduct a successful post-interview follow-up.

By taking these steps at the end of your interview, not only will you show how passionate you are about the position, but you will also be better prepared for what comes after the interview.


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