3 Reasons You're Not Ready for a Career Change

Think Before You Act: 3 Reasons You’re Not Ready for a Career Switch

(Image: ThinkStock)
(Image: ThinkStock)

Going after your dream job may require you to switch career fields, move away from home and take major risks in your professional life. While a career move can be exciting, it can also be frightening if the proper steps aren’t taken to help you prepare for the big milestone. Below are three things you need to consider before turning in your pink slip to any company:

1. You have no plan of action: Before making any career changes, make sure you have a plan for how you want to go about reaching your goals. Some people leave their current job out of boredom or frustration with their co-workers and have no clue how they are going to go about landing their next position. Remember failure to plan is planning to fail and no one wants to fail in their careers.

2. Your finances are out of wack: Be sure you have a decent amount of money saved before you give your boss a two weeks’ notice. Being jobless with little to no money in your savings can be both depressing and discouraging to your career. Also keep in mind that attending networking events, going on interviews and having lunch meetings can become costly for someone in-between jobs.

3. You have no industry contacts or network: All career fields play the game of “it’s not always what you know but who you know” when it comes time to finding employment. Having contacts already lined up in your field before you make a career change can help guide you through the bumps in your professional life and block you from making some major career mistakes.