Top Free Job Portfolio Sites for Millennials

Top Free Sites to Boost Your Professional Profile

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

Detailed resume? Check. Perfected cover letter? Check. Flawlessly assembled assortment of work that would make any career adviser smile? Been there, done that. Feel like you’ve exhausted all of the ways of impressing a potential employer? Think again.

Creating an online portfolio is an easy way to display your professional talents without leaving the employer to shuffle through mountains of documents. Within a matter of minutes, he or she can review your resume, cover letter and examples of your best work. And this is not just for creative or media industries. Other professionals can add Power Point presentations, PDFs of applicable book and study documents, as well as dynamically present that healthcare, science or business portfolio by using these simple tools.

From photography to architecture to everything in between, WordPress is an excellent starting point for developing your online portfolio and is very SEO friendly (which is great for when potential employers are searching your name). With the plethora of portfolio style themes available, you will be able to customize your site within a couple of hours. WordPress is highly known for its popularity and ease of use.

Need an online portfolio fast? is dedicated to uploading digital portfolios quick and painlessly. It takes just a few minutes to create a portfolio, complete with biography and links to your blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. You can then start bringing in your writing clips by adding links or uploading PDFs. It’s also designed to be far easier to keep up-to-date, which can sometimes be problematic with other Websites. Once completed, your profiles can be easily shared with potential employers and contacts in a clean, comprehensive manner.

Behance is a well-designed and comprehensive website used to showcase your creative work online. You can build a multimedia portfolio that supports text, video, images and audio simultaneously. You can also embed projects from Flickr, Youtube or Vimeo. The features are endless and and the portfolio designs are clean and professional. You’re also able to embed works you have already posted online hosted elsewhere. From there, you can promote yourself with the click of a button on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the Behance partner sites throughout the web.