8 Characteristics of a Stellar Employee

Star Power: 8 Characteristics of a Stellar Employee

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If you had to rate yourself as a good employee, and you were completely honest, where would you be? During your career there will be lackluster moments when it seems like everything is too difficult–difficult to finish an assignment, difficult to get to work. Weathering these moments and still managing to excel is what makes you a good employee and what separates you from those who are just getting by. Here are some of the qualities that every stellar employee possesses:

Show initiative. It’s no surprise that this tops the list. We all prefer to work with people who raise their hands to offer to pitch in. Don’t spend key meetings looking around the room hoping someone else will take on the new project. When you step up to the plate and take on additional responsibilities, you’ll gain favor with bosses and colleagues and win a chance to enhance your credentials.

Admit when you make a mistake. Isn’t it refreshing when someone says, “I made a mistake; let me fix it?” Unfortunately, many people in the workplace prefer to pass blame along or lay low until everyone forgets about the problem. Those who try to pass the buck risk being the victim of workplace gossip that could prevent them from getting a new job down the road. Of course, ideally, you won’t make a lot of mistakes that you’ll need to admit, but you can win points in many cases by taking responsibility and making a point to correct the situation.

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