5 Smart Ways to Cope with Workplace Stress

How To Cope With Workplace Stress and Increase Your Tolerance

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Stress is a daily part of life whether we like it or not. It could be related to work and home activities and can become harder to bear when compounded. But, knowing how to deal with stress will increase your productivity and ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

According to Entrepreneur.com writer Nadia Goodman, “each person has an optimal level of stress that they actually enjoy. It makes work exciting and engaging. But when we pass that level, stress becomes detrimental, leading to physical pains and poor decisions.” Here are a few strategies she suggests to increase tolerance levels and have stress levels that are enjoyable:

1. Find opportunity in the challenge. Stress makes us single-minded, so negatives loom large and positives fly under the radar. “Stress is designed to focus our attention or energy so we can overcome the threat,” Ballard says.

That intensity works for time-sensitive, high-stakes issues, but most stressors are less immediate. In those cases, focusing on the problem exclusively is overwhelming and unproductive. Instead, look for new opportunities that this stressor creates, such as ways to make your company more efficient or improve communication.

Finding the silver lining helps you maintain hope. “People who have trouble bouncing back often see that challenge as completely insurmountable,” Ballard says. An optimistic attitude will help you tolerate a lot more stress with ease.

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