Holiday Party Etiquette for the Office

Holiday Party No-Nos: How to Make It Through With Your Dignity in Tact

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We all know that coworker who made a fool of themselves—or heard about one from a friend or family member. You never want to be the butt of office jokes and disgrace for years to come. It’s not a good look. Here’s how to avoid pitfalls of office holiday party mistakes:

Know your limit: Many office parties get in the holiday spirit with good food and good drinks. While alcohol may be served, now is not the time to act like you are at happy hour with your besties. Save yourself the embarrassment and know your limit.

Dress appropriately: It’s the holidays, so it’s totally understandable if you want to wear your holiday attire, but be careful not to be too blinged out in holiday or club gear. Wearing holiday colors is cool, but remember, it’s still a work-related event. Keep it fun but on the conservative side—unless your office culture dictates otherwise.

Follow directions: Be sure to read your invitation carefully. It can save you a lot of embarrassment at the door. If the invitation says bring one guest, don’t show up with three. If the invitation says business attire, don’t show up in your causal Friday gear.