3 Early-Morning Habits of Winning Young Bosses

3 Early-Morning Habits of Winning Young Bosses

Brandi Hunter, founder of MediaHunter PR, begins her day with a routine of prayer and positive music. (Image: Hunter)

Rise and grind! Whether you’re an early riser or not, creating a good morning routine can set you up for a more productive and successful work day. Check these early-morning habits of young, successful bosses to ensure full productivity throughout their busy days:

In order to set the tone for her day, Brandi Hunter, media relations expert and founder of MediaHunter PR, begins her day with listening to gospel singing duo, Mary Mary and prayer. From there, she then begins her day-long to-do list, while checking her Blackberry.

“I always check the news and most current blogs because it’s my job to know what’s going on in the media industry. Then I spend 20 minutes in mediation before I challenge the day head on. I do my best to always walk out of my home with a positive attitude and with the simple mindset of ‘Engage. Enlighten. Evolve,’” Hunter quotes.

Personal boxing fitness trainer and graphic designer Ryan Howell starts his day with a burst of energy. As a believer in consistency, he likes to stick to his normal routine. “The first thing I do is pump some hip-hop straight from my iTunes to get my adrenaline going. I then eat a small healthy breakfast, walk my dog and head to the gym, which is like a second home,” Howell explains. “Without working out my day feels incomplete or like a void wasn’t filled. Anything out of the norm concerns me, so I like to do the same thing every day to get started.”

Whitney Middlebrooks, freelance writer and founder of TheRealityRehab.com, an online publication geared towards urban culture, is a firm believer that prayer and praising God enables her to wake up in the right state of mind. “I’m actually not a fan of robotic routines, but it’s essential that my morning routine goes smoothly in order for me to be great. To ensure that I have a highly productive day, my routine actually starts the night before,” Middlebrooks says. “I take time to reflect and meditate on the day’s events. This has actually helped me be more aware and accountable of my thoughts and actions throughout the day. So when morning comes, I first and foremost give praises to the most high for another opportunity and chance to be great!”

If you say out loud “Today will be a great day!,” it is already done. You have to just continue to stay positive, read or watch something inspiring or funny to keep your spirits and momentum high throughout the day!