5 Steps to Making Your Project Viral

5 Steps To Going Viral

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

Whenever one hears the phrase “Going viral” it’s often associated with pseudo-celebrities who have made a name for themselves via ridiculously entertaining YouTube videos. But having a viral project doesn’t always have to mean giving in to ratchetness. Your brand can benefit from projects that gain widespread visibility and popularity. But how does put their brand on the fast track? Brazen Careerist offers tips:

1. Keep it simple
In nature, viruses depend on fast, easy replication to spread, and it’s exactly the same with a viral marketing strategy. Your project – whether it’s a video or Website launch – is essentially just a container for your message. That’s why it’s important to keep your idea simple and unique. People innately share things that they perceive to have value; make your project worthy of being shared.

2. Have an idea list
Write down your project ideas, and add to them every day. Keep track using apps such as Evernote or Any.DO. When an idea makes sense to you, build it! Use whatever tool you can to create it as quickly as possible. Personally, I usually use WordPress and upload a WooTheme to finish rapidly. At this point, delaying your project should not be an option. Work fast and launch fast. If your project is valuable and you do a good job of optimizing it to be shared, it will take off.

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