4 Vital Tips on Cancer Prevention
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4 Vital Tips on Cancer Prevention

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Dr. Tia D. Olds always had a fascination with being a doctor from a young age. She also had an interest in aerospace engineering. “I was really interested in it, and knew that Mae Jameson was also a physician,” she says. Olds realized that medicine was more of her calling and became a doctor. Now, she is a radiation oncologist at New York Oncology Hematology, a practice in the US Oncology Network.

She shares some facts and tips about cancer as well as preventive measures you can take to stay healthy.

1. Keep a healthy weight. It is important that your BMI is less than 30. Dr. Olds advises that your diet should have a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables. She also encourages indulging in physical activity on a regular basis. At the minimum 30 minutes for five out of the seven days a week.

2. Stay consistent with check-ups. “There is a common thought that if I don’t feel sick, then I shouldn’t go to the doctor.” Dr. Olds advises against this thought process. She emphasis the importance of getting timely medical checkups because it can prevent issues long-term. Preventative health care is important.

3. Know the top cancers that affect African Americans. Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, and Prostate Cancer. Dr. Olds explains, “historically most cancers are connected to smoking and alcohol use. There has been a decline of cancers that is related to behaviors.”

4. Ladies, get your mammograms. Exercising can decrease the amount of circulating estrogen that women have. She also encourages getting a mammogram. The age has changed, Dr. Olds suggests that you discuss with your primary care physician and look to family history. She explains, “if there was a family member of yours that was diagnosed, some (medical professionals) will encourage you to get checked at the same age or five years earlier than the person was diagnosed.”

Dr. Olds encourages practicing preventative measures, eating healthy, exercise, and regular doctor visits.
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