How to Handle Rude Behavior in the Office

Mo’ Shade and No Tea: How to Slay the Rude Monster in Your Office

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Ever feel like your office is a battle zone? Where shade and side-eyes are being thrown like grenades, backhanded comments planted like roadside bombs and where laughter seems to be a vague memory?

Well you’re not alone. This 2011 study by researchers at Georgetown University and the Thunderbird School of Global Management found half of employees say they’re treated offensively at least once a week, up from 25% in 1998.

Squashing rude behavior is essential to creating a more productive, positive work environment that all employees deserve. Instead of fighting fire with fire, try to boost your team’s morale with these team-building strategies and bring a little woo-sah into you and your colleagues’ workday.

Reinforce optimism.

General Colin Powell said it best: “Optimism is a force-multiplier.” Whether you’re a supervisor or an office baby, as Chief Morale Officer, it’s your job to keep the optimistic vibes flowing. Find quotes, share a YouTube video, uplifting examples and weave these in to staff meetings, email blasts, or even hang in on your office door or cubicle wall for others to see. It won’t take more than two minutes of your time, yet it can completely transform the mood of the day.

Mix it up.

Create a friendly competition by getting your department involved in some sort of challenge against organizations such as a softball or kickball tournament. Rekindle office camaraderie by creating a dress code competition such as “80’s Day” or “Ugly Sweater Day” and then award prizes to the best.

Get out of the office.

Whether it’s for lunch or an off-site meeting, everyone tends to breathe a little easier in a neutral surrounding. A change of atmosphere will reenergize the group and allow everyone to get to know each other in a different light.

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