Beat the Monday Blues: How to Love the Beginning of the Work Week

Beat the Monday Blues: How to Love the Beginning of the Grind

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Many workers loath that key day of the week, when the weekend fun is over and its time to grind. Some people call it the Monday Blues, bringing feelings of depression, sadness, frustration and fatigue. But, leaders often see Monday as just another day to make more boss moves, driven by their next chance to really upgrade their career and their lives.

Inc. contributor Suzanne Lucas writes about turning Monday Blues into motivation and finding ways you can love the first day of the week a little more:

Monday is full of possibilities. Monday gives you a whole week to look forward to! I like to take time on Monday morning to review my schedule and plan for the week. See what is coming up, with whom I need to speak, and what needs to be done. I do try to wrap lots of things up on Fridays so I don’t get hit with old stuff on Mondays (although that isn’t always possible). But, Monday is the time to start fresh.

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