How Taking Career Advice Too Literally Can Ruin You

5 Reasons Taking Career Advice Too Literally Could Ruin You

(Image: Thinkstock)
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So much advice is given about all aspects of life, from where to live to where to shop to how to be a success. Sometimes you can take or leave it, but other times, heeding it can mean the difference between winning and losing. As with any decision you make, discernment is key, and being able to apply advice to your life in a smart way can be a challenge.

Taking words of wisdom a bit too literally can also lead to a major failure, especially when it comes to your career. Brazen Careerist offers a few reasons doing so could lead to professional ruin and how you can best distinguish what you can take or toss:

“Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” You can put on a tiara and hold a scepter, but that doesn’t transform you into an actual princess. Dressing properly is a big part of establishing a professional image. However, dressing for the job you want only works if the style still makes sense for the job you have.

If you work in sales and dream of being an artist, you can’t wear paint-splattered overalls to a client meeting. Your job aspirations as well as your company culture should determine the way you dress. One public relations company may appreciate employees who dress trendy while another one prefers simple, classic attire.
You don’t have to look just like everyone else, but you should figure out what’s appropriate for your daily wardrobe. Keep your duties, company and goals in mind. No matter what you wear, looking neat and well-groomed is a must.

“Follow your dreams.” If you were to take “follow your dreams” literally, who knows what sort of crazy shenanigans you would pursue. Sitting on a cloud made of marshmallows that’s floating above your second grade classroom is a dream. Becoming an accountant or owning a business, however, is a goal. Focus on striving for a specific career path and take actionable steps toward making your goals happen.

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