Career Tip of the Week: Prep for Your Next Season

Career Tip of the Week: Prep for Your Next Season

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The summer weather will soon be gone, ushering in the fall. Around this time,  you typically prep your home, bringing out the heftier blankets and even changing up your decor. You might get your vents and other home elements prepared for providing proper heat and insulation. You get your closet in order, swapping out the summer power dresses and strappy sandals and replacing them with the wool suits and boots that have been sent to the cleaners and are ready to be easily accessed and worn for those power meetings in the cold months.

Well, the same should go for your career. Your company could also be moving into the next quarter and/or profit season, so it’s great to be prepared. It’s a good idea to update your professional presence on the Web, schedule those coffee and lunch dates with potential new clients and finalize those past projects so that you can be geared up to tackle the new ones. It’s also a great idea prep for the top holidays, whether that means scheduling your vacations appropriately, planning for peer or employee absences (due to vacation, back-to-school or flu season), and scheduling those health check-ups. Update those calendars and get a head start in good time management.

The change in weather might even mean a change in career or a transition at your current company, so it’s good to start now, while the summer is winding down, to be prepared for those as well, maybe upgrading your skills and training, making yourself more available for speaking engagements and company conferences or even tweeking your resume.

Get prepared today for the next season not only weather-wise but in your career journey as well.