#techieFit2017: Setting Realistic Fitness Goals for New Year's

#TechieFit: Set Realistic Fitness Goals This New Year’s

Romy Antoine Courtesy of Chris Griffin of Virza Images @VirzaImages

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for  #techies. There’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and love ones near. Yet, we all know that during this time of great cheer, you will be contemplating your New Year’s resolutions, and chances are, getting in shape will be one of your goals for 2017.

According to U.S. News, in 2015, 80% of fitness resolution-ers fail to achieve their goals by the second week of February, with the sheer remorse of disappointment.

We can change this in 2017 with a four-part strategy that involves sound fitness advice and, of course, using some really cool fitness apps. Together, our plan is to get ready, focus, push, and have the strength to continue to reach all upcoming goals.

We all know that I, Nathaniel J., am not a fitness guru. So, I have teamed up with Romy Antoine–founder of RippedNFit– an ACE certified personal trainer plus a corporate wellness specialist and nutritionist. Plus he earned a Bachelor’s from the University of the Sciences, in Philadelphia, with double major in Biology and Exercise Science and Wellness Management. So, Romy has you covered on the fitness side, and I’ve made sure we have the right tech app swag to match our goals.

Here are five steps to help you get ready by getting fit in 2017:

1. Do it for the Right Reasons


Make sure you decide what you’re really looking to gain from this experience. It has to be mainly because you truly want to change your life, feel better, and look better, not to just compete against a friend. Make your journey enjoyable, so that when you do complete it, you feel empowered and motivated, instead of relieved that it’s over.

2. Make a Meal Plan


People often underestimate the amount of food they eat, and they are shocked to see the scale creep up. At the start of each week, create a meal plan and prepare your food accordingly.

The MyFitnessPal App is a great tool to help you keep track of every single calorie you eat throughout the day, and set goals for how many you need to burn to reach your target weight. It can also be integrated with most other fitness trackers, so you can have your data all in one place.

3. Set Realistic Goals


The major reason why many people don’t follow through with their fitness resolutions is because they set outrageous goals without a good plan of action. Instead of waiting for the new year to hit the gym every day, start today by doing 15-minute workouts twice a week. This will get you in the habit of training, and prevent you from being so sore, that you want to quit.

4. Make a Pact


Once you decide what you want to do, you should make a pact to actually follow through. The Pact app lets you make pacts with other users for achieving your goals. You have to put your real money on the line, and if you stick to your goals, you get paid! If you fail to complete them, you end up paying the other members in your group.

5. Get a Friend


Many people think that they need to go on this new journey alone–not true at all! Training with a friend increases your chances of success, because it will keep you committed and motivated. Having a partner to hold you accountable makes all the difference between showing up and skipping the gym altogether. The Workout Buddies app helps to connect you with fitness-minded individuals and find local workout partners.


Learn more about Romy and RippedNFit on Instagram at @RomyDidIt and @RippednFit.