Style Suite: Office Luxe in a Tux

Style Suite: Office Luxe in a Tux

(Image: Knightmare6 Photography)

Welcome to the Style Suite with Kéla Walker, your source for fashion and style trends for power plays in the workplace. Every Tuesday and Thursday, she’ll share tips and suggestions to help maximize your style on a budget. Whether you’re the style devil in Prada or the apprentice with limited apparel, you’ll find something in the Style Suite to suit your needs.

Have you made the formal introduction of tuxedo pants to your work wear?

The side-panel pants, typical reserved for menswear and formal occasions, are the new normal for women and their wardrobes. Also referred to as racer stripe or contrast pants, they’re a chic and effortless way to dress up your wardrobe.

Switch out your plain pants for these contrast trousers that add instant style and sophistication to your wardrobe. Whether on two-tone or print pants, the side stripe gives the illusion of a long and lean frame—just the thing we all want in the new year. Both luxury designers and mass retailer are adding pieces with the side stripe to their lines, creating a trend that has been spotted on A-listers including Alica Keys, Jessica Alba and Rihanna.

You can wear them casual and comfortable with a pair of flats, or sleek and svelte with stilettos. No matter how you wear them, let the side stripe take center stage. Pair them with a solid-colored blouse and cool accessories for a look that’s more fun than formal and completely appropriate for the office.

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