Stuck in a Fitness Rut? 5 Ways to Discover Your Strength
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Stuck in a Rut? 5 Ways to Discover Your Strength — #TechieFit 2017

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Staying on track with your fitness goals can be difficult. But as singer, model, and Empire actress V. Bozeman says, “Don’t you get it twisted, cause you know I’m ’bout my business–GO!” When it comes to strength, you can’t live without it, you can’t love without it, and you can’t even focus without it.

Romy Antoine and I have previously shared five steps to help you set your fitness goals and five steps to help you focus on your fitness objectives. Now, here are five steps to help you maintain strength as you accomplish your fitness goals.


1. Join a Challenge


Stuck in a rut and ready to call it quits? Consider joining a fitness challenge or race to get fired-up again. This is great because you’ll have a structured plan, with a timeline to train and complete the goal. An obstacle course race may be just hard enough to get you in shape, but fun enough to keep you motivated. Plus, you can do it with a team of friends!

If you don’t know where to find these races, download the Obstacle and Mud Race Finder app. This lets you search for all types of races in your area. You can even try out some smaller events, if you aren’t ready for big brandname ones like Spartan Race or Tough Mudder.

2. Looking for a Personal Trainer? There’s an App for That


There’s nothing worse than getting dressed, heading to the gym, and looking around without a clue where to start. Many people don’t know how to put together their own routines or do the exercises. You can hire a trainer, or at least take advantage of an introductory session to learn some basic exercises.

If you’re someone with a hectic schedule, but you still want to do things on your own, try using the Fitness Builder app. This app has thousands of workouts that range from weight training, to boot camps, to yoga. It also has a library of exercise videos and pictures to help you learn the proper technique. You can even drag-and-drop different exercises to curate personalized workouts.

3. Use a Fitness Tracker


Fitness trackers have gained a lot of popularity over the past year, and it’s time you start wearing one! A great tracker is the FitBit Charge, which counts your daily steps, heart rate, calories burned, your sleep cycles, and so much more! It puts this data into charts and graphs, so you can see exactly what you’ve been doing and pinpoint where you need to improve to reach your goals.

4. Hack Your Activities


Start adding some extra activities to your day to get you in the habit of moving around more. This can include riding a bike to work, getting off the train a bit early to walk the rest of the way, or even using the furthest restroom from your office to get your body moving. Simple hacks like this can add up to an hour of extra activity and more calories burned each week.

5. Hire a Coach


A good coach can help keep you accountable, and push you to the next level. They offer advice, encouragement, and a detailed plan of action. Fitness and nutrition coaches can be rather pricey, but well worth the investment, if you really want the fastest and healthiest results.

However, if you can’t afford the big bucks to get a top-notch coach, try the Coach.Me app. With a database of over 700 coaches, this app lets you choose exactly the type of trainer you need. It also allows you to message and schedule calls with your new coach, after selecting one. There are even customer reviews to help you determine the best person to hire based on your needs.


More About Romy Antoine


Romy Antoine, founder of RippednFit, is an ace, certified personal trainer, plus a corporate wellness specialist and nutritionist. Earning a bachelor’s degree from University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, with a double major in biology and exercise science and wellness management, he aims at ensuring fitness fun and empowering.  Romy and One Stop Wellness ensures each person who is trained can successfully achieve and track goals by instituting specific fitness apps that are easy to use.

You can learn more about Romy Antoine and One Stop Wellness by visiting @RomyDidIt on Instagram.