3 Signs That You May Need To Seek Counseling
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3 Signs You May Need To Seek Counseling

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The negative stigma attached to therapy has been a topic of discussion for years.  The truth is that we all at some point or another have had issues that can only be remedied through a professionally trained counselor. Even as a life coach I’ve had clients with issues so severe that I encouraged them to seek therapy. The reality is that we don’t (self included) have it all together. It is a lie when we tell ourselves that we don’t need help or we’re fine.

To avoid that scenario let us face and confront the looming battle of mental health that we as African Americans are losing. The first major step is letting go of notion that therapy is for “crazy” people. Some of the most healthy people (emotionally, spiritually and physically) have sought help. Below are some signs that you may need to seek counseling.

1.  Isolation. There is a difference between isolation and solitude.  Solitude is purposely being alone to seek clarity. However, isolation is purposely withdrawing from life because being around others is too painful. If you find yourself constantly isolating yourself from the world this may be an indicator of needing to seek a mental health professional, according to experts.

2. Mood Changes. Are your emotions out of wack? Have you been experiencing drastic emotional changes recently. Stressors such as work and personal life can effect our emotions.  If you find yourself consistently experiencing mood changes, experts say this could be a sign to seek therapy.

3. Recurring Thoughts/Self Torment. For many human beings painful experiences from childhood that don’t go addressed can sometimes linger and play over and over again in the mind causing self torment.  If these issues don’t get addressed they can lead to deeper problems physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

Let your desire to be whole and healed outweigh your desire to look like you have it together.  You are worth the investment. Moreover, you are responsible for your mental health.  Take the risk and go see a counselor if you are currently experiencing any of the above signs.  It will be a rewarding experience.  Take care of you!

Remember we have the ability to not only change our world, but the world as a whole.

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