Sierra Rainge Talks Dance In the Rain

Sierra Rainge Says ‘Dance in the Rain’ and Leave Room For Growth

(Image: Sierra Rainge)

Sierra L. Rainge is the founder and owner of Limitless Living LLC, and author of the inspirational book To Dance in the Rain: 31 Days of Faith and Perspective. Sierra works as a life coach for teens and young adults, a motivational speaker, and inspirational writer. Limitless Living LLC’s mission is to empower individuals to live their lives at their highest potential, to inspire growth and to ignite a personal pursuit of purpose among all whom she encounters.

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She says writing her book allowed her to discover that  she definitely had a story to share. She absorbed wisdom from life’s challenges and acknowledged  there were people who may benefit from her expressing her truth.

“Writing gave me a voice, said Rainge, ” It was an outlet to speak on and unleash everything that was brewing on the inside of me. Writing was a purging process that allowed me to divulge lessons learned from my life experiences. It also allowed me to recognize and validate my personal strength and growth.” caught up with Sierra L. Rainge to talk entrepreneurship, faith, purpose and her new inspirational book.

BlackEnterprise: Tell me a little about yourself, your background, and what you do for a living?

Rainge: Growing up in the low socio economic, crime ridden communities of Orlando FL, I learned very quickly the importance of resiliency and perseverance. Residing in a community polluted with drugs and violence, being intrinsically motivated proved to be my greatest power. Having a strong will and a natural desire to pursue a better life, I was able to overcome many odds and triumph over much adversity. I knew early on that education would be my outlet. Attending Florida A & M University changed my entire world. It was at this distinguished institution that I began to really understand and appreciate my innate talents and abilities. I gained strength from my struggles and realized that everything I had endured, had conditioned me to be an example of limitless possibilities for at risk youth. Feeling compelled to take action as an advocate for growth and development gave birth to my mantra,”We are enlightened when we recognize innate gifts and talents; but we are empowered when we utilize them.”

Being fueled by my passion to spark a shift in perspective, I set out to teach, touch, and shed light on the power that resides in our personal potential. Each of us possesses greatness; however it is useless unless it is recognized and exercised.

For a living, I challenge individuals to wander outside of their comfort zones in order to realize their unique greatness.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur vs working for someone else?

The desire to pursue entrepreneurship was a by-product of a commitment to live a life of purpose. I truly believe that our gifts and talents are little hints from God to guide us towards our purpose. The things that come natural are usually good indicators of what we were designed to do. After working as a Juvenile detention Officer and creating programming material to help the youth recognize their talents, I was inspired to coach individuals towards the realization of their purpose and the implementation of their goals.

Coming from low income housing and growing up on welfare, I made a commitment to myself that not only would I break a generational curse of lack, poverty and mediocrity; but I would create a shift for those who come after me. I want to leave behind a Limitless legacy for my children to grow from and build on.

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