How Author Alex Elle Maintains Work-Life Balance

5 Ways to Maintain Work-Life Balance as a Solopreneur

(Image: Alex Elle)

Mothers who also wear the hat of entrepreneur may find themselves working a bit harder to manage and maintain the healthy work—life balance needed to navigate between work and motherhood, but, for some, the leveling of both worlds seem to come almost naturally.

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Take poet and serial entrepreneur Alex Elle, who describes herself as a mom, writer, and maker. Elle was featured on Amazon’s bestseller list in 2013 for her poetry book Words From a Wanderer, designs handcrafted jewelry, and makes natural beauty products inspired by her daughter’s desire to make lip balm.

She started her first business in middle school, turning candy wrappers into jackets and belts. The serial entrepreneur says she has always had a knack for business and likes to keep her hands in industries that she personally enjoys.

“I love all of the industries I have tapped into,” Elle says. “Being a consumer as well, I also know what I like and don’t like. Creating brands of my love for different avenues has helped me hone in on those likes and dislikes in a more personal way.”

If you follow her on Instagram then you know that she’s open about many aspects of her work and personal life; freely sharing her creative process as well as glimpses of what she does to maintain balance.

She believes that her transparent nature is one of the key reasons her brand has remained cohesive and able to expand across various industries.

“I would say transparency [is key],” Elle says. “I am open and honest across the board with my processes. From my books, to my blogs, to my creative process, it’s all about being your true self and letting your work speak volumes for you.”

However, when she’s not working, Elle schedules time for some necessary tender loving care.  It seems her regimen and rituals for maintaining a healthy work—life balance boil down to the amount of attentiveness she shows  herself through fitness, nutrition, and reading.

“I would say my five things that help me balance are:

  • Making and drinking my smoothie in the morning. That’s become a ritual.
  • Going to yoga at least two times a week. If I can’t do that, I make sure I work out in some way.
  • Taking naps. I don’t deny myself a recharge if I need one.
  • Reading books that take me to another place. It’s nice to escape every now and then.
  • Brainstorming new ideas and writing them down. Doing that helps keep my creative process fresh and fun.”