What Not To Do Before Asking For More Money

Don’t Mess Up Your Chances: 10 Worst Ways to Demand a Raise

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Your performance has been stellar this year, and you’ve received praise from your co-workers and boss. You think it’s the right time to ask for a raise, but how do you do it? It can be intimidating to ask your employer for more money and you want to make sure it is done the right way. Brazen Careerist sheds some light on things you don’t want to do before speaking to your boss.

1. Don’t dawdle. Don’t wait until later to speak up about a raise when you know you deserve one now. First, you’re only going to get more upset at yourself for not asking–and more annoyed at your boss for not just giving you one. Second, if you’re really worth more than what you’re getting paid right now, you’re giving away good work when you should be getting paid for it.

2. Don’t pop the question; Schedule it. Your boss is either busy or pretending to be. It’s a good idea to respect that, even if it isn’t true. By scheduling a meeting, everything becomes more professional, and the odds that you’ll get a knee-jerk response go way down. When scheduling, think about other things that are going on in the company and avoid stressful, budget-sensitive occasions like the end of the quarter.

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