Russell Simmons Advocates for Youth Success with Rising Tide Program

Russell Simmons Advocates for Youth Success with Rising Tide Program

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Russell Simmons is advocating for youth empowerment with the Rising Tide Program. (Image: File)

He’s at it again. Entertainment mogul and philanthropist Russell Simmons is reaching back and advocating for youth, working with a program that will empower them.

The newly launched My Rising Tide program will give young adults access to information, tools, and experts who can help them on their path to success. It will also host an online contest, which will offer 18- to 30-year-olds the unique opportunity to be coached by Simmons, along with a two-day, one night trip to Los Angeles with a friend, $5000, and a tablet device. Nine other finalists will receive a tablet device of their own, and those entering the contest have a chance to win $100 gift cards. caught up with Simmons on his continued passion for service and how reaching back never becomes obsolete, no matter how much success one achieves. How did you become involved with the Rising Tide program?

Simmons: They came to me, we talked about how we can work together on this, and I came on board. It’s an incredible opportunity for youth.

It’s definitely amazing for contest winners who will get a chance to work one-on-one with you. What can they look forward to in doing that?

The idea of moving toward God, being more present, awake and giving … as a result you’ll find yourself as a conduit or servant with the whole, as opposed to being separate… These simple ideas I’m referring to— as an entrepreneur who operates from this calm space— are written about over and over again. So what I would tell anyone is [what they want to do] is already in their heart, etched inside them. They already know it’s true. … I’ll try to remind them of their God-given talents, remind them they have what it takes to change the world, to build a company and be a meaningful participant. They have to just reach inside and do it.

You’ve been a mentor and inspiration to many successful people. Why do you feel it important to reach back or mentor, especially after achieving your own incredible success?

You get what you give. … It’s an ongoing process. There’s no ‘Oh you realize something [perfectly] already.’… It’s a lifelong pursuit. Your personal evolution and your happiness comes from giving happiness and helping people evolve. So it’s a cycle. … I give because it makes me happy.

In terms of success, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received that has kept you going?

Honesty and integrity are important. Serve the world and be a servant. Give what you want to receive.


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