Rethink Your Resume: Creative Ideas You Can Execute Today

Rethink Your Resume: Creative Ideas You Can Execute Today

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Oftentimes, there can be a mix of opposing advice when it comes to resumes and cover letters. Some experts say keep it simple and even go further to say that too many bells and whistles may turn off a prospective employer, while others say a bit of creativity will ensure your resume doesn’t end up in the trash bin.

Well, one recent college graduate decided to take his chances and do the latter, kicking things up a notch by modeling his candidate application after crowdfunding Website Kickstarter. And his efforts even led to employment. Mashable reports:

…College graduate Jannic Nielssen is unique in that he is embracing a layout and concept inspired by crowdfunding website by Kickstarter to help land him a career. Nielssen, a communications graduate from Decatur, Ill., is a dual citizen of Jamaica and Norway, and has a goal to receive an employment offer by May 1 or he will have to leave the U.S. [Update: As of May 2, Nielssen has accepted a position in New York City as a marketing coordinator with Thrillist Media Group].

Called “Kick Jannic Into A Digital Career!​” on his Website, the look of his resume closely resembles Kickstarter. A video detailing of him detailing his skills and strengths is highlighted at the top of the page, followed by social media stats – such as a Klout score to show engagement on sites such as Twitter and Facebook – work experience and endorsements from previous employers and professors.

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