Recruitment Tip: 5 Savvy Ways to Seal the Deal with Top Talent

Recruitment Tip: 5 Savvy Ways to Seal the Deal with Top Talent

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If you’re in recruitment or human resources, sometimes it can be a challenge to seal the deal with high performers. Brazen Careerist reports that there are 3.8 million open jobs, yet 70 percent of hiring decision-makers say it now takes longer to find a qualified candidate to fill these roles.

So how do you find a solution? Try this strategy to not only attract but get top talent to sign on the dotted line:
1. Make an offer they can’t refuse.

Retain or Recruit found three out of five employees would leave their current role for a competitive offer.

That doesn’t necessarily mean offering more money, although that definitely makes an offer competitive. It could also mean offering wider and more comprehensive benefits, more vacation leave or opportunities for travel abroad. It’s worth taking the time to find out exactly what job candidates are looking for.

2. Tempt candidates with training.

Of the employees who were not likely to be tempted by a more competitive offer, the prospect of employee training and development was enough to make them consider the option.

It’s not always about more money in the bank; young professionals in particular often prioritize their long-term personal and professional growth. That’s why another way of hooking them is putting your money where your mouth is and offering to…

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