Publicist Talks Tips for Maintaining Celebrity Clients

Publicist Talks Tips for Maintaining Celebrity Clients

(Image: Sheena Wilder)

When it comes to finding your dream career, sometimes it’s not as easy as choosing a college major. Sometimes it’s an urge that pulls you in a direction and you just don’t know what to call it. For Atlanta, GA native Sheena Wilder, she always had a passion for helping people communicate better but never thought of it as a career. However after an internship with a celebrity event-planning firm, “STEPS Events,” it changed the direction of her life. ” I interned with Jamahl King, founder of STEPS, he taught me a lot about how to handle celebrity clients, your staff and yourself in any situation. I also thank my cousin Malcolm for introducing us. I knew that I would always work with high-end clients like celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, etc., so I worked my way to doing just that,” says Wilder.

Being the youngest girl growing up in a family full of men she was constantly making her presence known and her voice heard, little did she know this experience would also be instrumental in landing celebrities like Chrisette Michele. “I remember telling my mom that I wanted to major in Public Relations and she told me she didn’t see any African American women successful in the field. At that moment I told myself, I would be successful in Public Relations.” caught up with Wilder to learn more about her journey.

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BlackEnterprise: Did you have a plan to work in PR and with celebrities?

Wilder: Prior to launching my own firm I was an account manager for Country Financial formerly known as Cotton States Insurance. I always had a passion for helping people communicate their ideas better. I wanted to spread awareness about great brands and amazing products or services that people offered. I viewed at it as me doing a good deed for people.

Do you have a staff? If so, how many people work for you?

I have staff in our Atlanta and LA office. In Atlanta, my team consists of my junior publicist an assistant, a few interns and myself. In LA my staff consist of my junior publicist, social media manager and marketing consultant.

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