How to Sell Your Boss on Giving You a Promotion

Want a Promotion? Show Your Boss You Have What It Takes

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Throughout your career, you’ll often reach those benchmark moments where it’s time to evaluate your advancement. And one aspect of that evaluation is your ability to show and prove. Here are a few ways to convince your boss you deserve that promotion:

Brighten up the place: Attitude can take you a long way in life, and a cheery, optimistic demeanor can make a difference in the workplace. It’s important to be yourself, but try to be someone your coworkers enjoy working with as well.

Getting along with others and avoiding workplace drama shows you’re mature and professional. Nothing is more of a turn-off to employers than catty, childish behavior.

It’s also important to take direction. Listen to any feedback and ask open-ended questions about what’s expected of you to show you’re willing to work within the company’s guidelines. On the other hand, getting defensive and having a rebuttal for any constructive criticism can leave the impression that you’re hard to work with and can’t own up to mistakes.

Communicate your desires effectively: Sometimes, showing your boss you’re ready to move up is as simple as saying it out loud. Express to your employer that you have a desire to advance with the company, and inquire about any future positions. This will put you in mind when a position does come along.

Standing out to your employer doesn’t have to be calculated. In fact, the steps you can take are easy. And if you’re already a quality employee, you most likely already practice these habits and have shown your boss you’re ready to move up the ladder.

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