Miami's PlungeCon Will Highlight Tech And Innovators

Miami’s PlungeCon Will Highlight Tech and Innovators

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The Plunge Culture & Creativity Conference is set to unite creators, innovators, artists, and entertainers in Miami from Nov. 6-8. (Image: Plunge)

Film Life, Inc., an entertainment company created by film producer Jeff Friday, is making a big splash in Miami with a brand new conference.

Mr. Friday’s new endeavor is the multi-faceted, multi-cultural Plunge Culture & Creativity Conference, and is set to combine entertainment, arts, technology, and business, to inspire professional creators and innovators.

PlungeCon will take place at Miami Beach’s Eden Roc Resort, from November 6 through 8.

Speakers at PlungeCon, like best-selling author Danny SEO and director Gina Prince-Bythewood, will share their ideas and passions to inspire audience members to pursue their endeavors. Plunge Premiere will show off Gina Prince-Bythewood’s latest film, Beyond The Lights.

One of the more important events at PlungeCon is the Innovation Slam. It will highlight minority entrepreneurs and give them a platform to speak with investors as well as business leaders to bring their innovations to fruition.

Whether high- or low-tech, all ideas and concepts are welcome, though that doesn’t mean that all will survive the judging process. Only four finalists will present to tastemakers and receive feedback from the audience. If you’ve ever had an idea for a business that just needs some guidance to get off the ground, or have a working product you want to show off to a panel of judges that could help you jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey, the Innovation Slam is the perfect place to show off your creativity and drive.

PlungeCon is looking for applicants, and you don’t need a finished product to participate; only an idea. The deadline for Innovation Slam applicants is October 6, 2014, less than two weeks away. You can sign up here to be a part of the Innovation Slam.

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