Ring in the New Year with New Opportunities

Ring in the New Year with New Opportunities

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The holiday season lends itself to building new relationships or reacquainting yourself with those you have not interacted with in awhile. There are numerous New Year’s parties or that allow people to unwind and get to know each other in different settings.

Madame Noire knows that proper networking can be essential to career growth, and it’s important to seize the moment wherever it presents itself. Here are some tips that could help build new contacts for your career advancement:

At your company lunch or dinner, sit next to someone you will be working with on an upcoming project or someone you want to work with in the future. But don’t talk shop, advises Forbes. “Skip the work chat, and use this time to ask them where they’re spending the holidays or what their favorite dish is this time of year. Your goal is to build a connection with someone on a personal level that will motivate him or her to make more time to hear your work ideas later,” says the magazine.

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