Office Networking Tips for the Shy & Socially Awkward

#Awkward: How to Break the Ice as the Office Newbie

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So you’re new to the office, and on top of that, you’re not the most outgoing or outspoken person in the world. No problem. Here are a few conversation starters to help you fit in and build relationships — without making a fool of yourself:

Greet everyone: A simple “hello” and a smile can go a long way. Even if they don’t know your name after the 10th “hello,” they’ll definitely remember your face and your friendly energy. Never take a simple greeting for granted. It can leave a lasting impression.

Make that coffee run: Whether you start your day with a cup of coffee, muffin, bagel or full-blown breakfast, ask your coworkers and boss if they would like anything while you’re on your early-morning run. It will give off good energy to your office mates and show your kindness. Remember good energy and a positive attitude can take you a long way.

Ask about local lunch options: Whether you’re new to the area or not, ask about lunch hotspots as a way to spark conversation. A simple chat about lunch can lead to inside office information about what impresses your boss, what’s the best way to complete an assignment, or who in the office you should get to know if you ever want that promotion or great words of advice.

Inquire about weekend plans: If you’re new to the area, this is a great way to figure out the go-to hangout spots outside the office. One conversation about someone else’s plans can lead to an invitation out and relationship that extends outside the office.