5 Signs You're Settling in Your Career

Less Than Best: 5 Signs You’re Settling in Your Career

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At what point does your career become just a job? A job is something that you have to do—a means to get by. A career is something you take part in actively. A career should mean that you are growing whether it is within the company or individually. Your growth should be fueled by the passion that you feel for your occupation, with your paycheck being an extra incentive. At one point you may have felt that way about your career. You put in the extra hours and stood behind your ideas.

It is not uncommon to lose that feeling and become complacent with the day to day that is required to get through your day. Although you are getting the work done there is something lacking. Bonnie Marcus, a contributor for Forbes, explores why settling in your career will lead to a “derailment”. Don’t let your career turn into a job. Here is how you will know:

1.   You are no longer striving to do your best.

In this highly competitive job market, there are many people who would love your job. If you have been doing just enough to get by, beware. You must continue to add value and meet and exceed expectations to keep your job.

2.   You are not staying up to date in your field and industry.

When was the last time you took a course or attended an industry conference? Do you regularly read trade magazines, ezines, and journals? It is easy to lose your credibility overnight. The next new hire on your team can show up with excellent credentials and want your job. In my recent interview with Anne Weisberg, Chief Strategy Office of the FutureWork Institute, she cites nurturing your ambition as critical for women’s leadership advancement and this means learning to master your expertise.

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