Mental Monday: Tips for Distressing

Mental Health Monday: Tips For De-stressing

Mental Health
Mental Health

It’s hard to take time for oneself, especially when you are trying to run a business and so much needs to get done. It always feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day or not enough hands on deck to assist you. Or, you may have trouble delegating even if you do have enough able bodies round you. A number of issues affect the mental state of entrepreneurs–from depression to substance abuse. What is one strategy that you can use to avoid some of the issues that plague your physical and mental health as an entrepreneur? Here are just five suggestions:


Studies show that meditation is good for your mental health because it helps fight depression, stress, and anxiety. Taking time out to be centered, still, and quiet pays huge dividends toward reducing stressors and keeping your mind right.


It is important that you get enough rest and keep yourself healthy. Sleep deprivation can also cause poor judgment. Being the sole decision maker for your business, it is vital that you make those decisions with a clear, focused, and well-rested mind.


There are lots of workout plans that take less than 20 minutes and can be done by people at all fitness levels. If you feel tired and burned out at the end of the day, try getting your workout in before you start work in the morning.

Create a support group

Meet and talk with other entrepreneurs to get a sense of how they feel and how they cope. Your own listening and their encouragement could be equally beneficial. You will see that other people are facing similar things and you don’t have to remain in your silo.

Take breaks

When the stress of the daily grind starts to get to you, take a break. Microbreaks between 30 seconds and 5 minutes can increase mental activity up to 13%, studies show. A 15-second break every 10 minutes can reduce fatigue by 50%.

Reclaim your weekends

Entrepreneurs can get caught in a cycle of never-ending work, but we all need to recharge every now and then. Set aside your weekends to spend away from work. Also, schedule hobbies, meetups or other fun things to do. You’d be surprised at all the activities you can think of when you allow yourself to get bored.

Book vacations

It is essential that entrepreneurs schedule up their vacations–real ones that last a week or more outside of a 10-block radius. Block out vacations on your calendar, and book them for an entire year in advance.