Quad Webb-Lunceford Talks Balancing Career, Reality TV and Family

Married to Medicine Star Quad Webb-Lunceford Talks Balancing Career, Reality TV and Family

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(Image: Picture Perfect Pups)

How did you come up with your business idea for a puppy/dog couture clothing line?

About three years ago, I was shopping for something for my “little girls” (Lunceford’s two dogs, Khloe and Kar’rie) to wear to my wedding. I had the hardest time finding quality clothing for canines that didn’t rip or shrink when I washed them. I eventually found two minimalist style dresses for about $160.00 but I really wasn’t happy–it just didn’t represent me. So I said to myself I can do this. I started to do my own research. I also visited some of the most popular pet stores such as Petco & Pet Smart, and realized I wanted something for the elite luxury client.

The pet market is a $54.3 billion industry and I knew I could get a piece of it. So I came up with luxury clothing and bedding for canines and created “Picture Perfect Pup.”

As a highly ambitious, married woman, how do you balance the needs of your husband with your insane drive to be successful and independent?

I have never been comfortable with just being a Doctors wife. I think its great but it’s my husband path. He went to school for years and sacrificed his 20’s to become a Doctor.

Nothing really changed when I got married. The fire for me to be independent was still in me. I just needed to find a way to make that happen. I never think that a woman should loose her independence. You should come together as a team.

My husband brings a lot to the table so I try to consult with him as much as possible. I let him know what’s going with me. Yes of course, sometimes things just come up and we have to talk about it later. But as long as you’re making your partner or spouse feel like they are an important part of your success, I think it’s a lot easier to balance.

You can never be too big for your marriage. You should never get the idea that you’re above your significant other. You have to be on one even playing field.

What can we expect from the season 3 of Married to Medicine?

I can tell you this is the best season yet. You pretty much know the formulas for these shows. I think in this season there is a level of suspense, betrayal and some surprise. Then you see us working together in terms of our careers and home life.

You will definitely see the entrepreneurial side of who I am. The sales for Picture Perfect Pup are doing well on-line. I also have something in the works with a luxury furniture store located in the Buckhead section of Atlanta. Watch the season premier on Bravo TV on June 7th.

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