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Malcolm Jamal Warner on Being a Single Dad (on TV)

Malcolm Jamal Warner sat down with to talk about the new season of his show on BET, “Reed Between the Lines,” without his co-star and on-screen wife Tracee Ellis Ross.

The two primetime television veterans started the new show last year with the premise of a loving black couple raising their two children. Black, educated, two-parent family love was oozing from the screen, but Ellis-Ross left to pursue another career opportunity so now Warner is left to take on the show solo as a single dad.

Will fans accept the show with such a big change? Warner thinks it can work.

“Last season was about this couple who love each other and their family. This year is about a cat who thought he had the perfect marriage and the perfect family and all of a sudden finds himself a single dad trying to pick up the pieces and figure out, wow, what happened?,” Warner told

It will be interesting to see how exactly they write this new development into the show and even more interesting to see how the show will portray the life of a single dad.

Will you be tuning in?