5 Ways to Be a Better Leader

5 Ways to Be a Better Leader


There is a famous quote that states “leaders are born not made”, but is that true? No, leaders can be taught and don’t need to be natural born. A leader should embody action, a person who should be involved with those who are under their influence. It is not enough to bark out orders but to be an example. Mark Sanborn of Entrepreneur.com shares 5 ways to become an effective leader.

1. Keep promises, period.
Never make promises you’re not sure you can keep. Nothing kills your credibility quicker than a breached promise or unfulfilled expectation.

Sometimes keeping promises can be challenging, if not downright painful. This commitment will develop discipline and integrity. Practice it with your kids as well as colleagues.

2. Dress to influence.
Don’t dress to impress, dress to influence. That means making sure your appearance is consistent with your personal and professional brand. Begin by asking yourself how a leader with your aspirations should appear to others.

And don’t limit appearance to just yourself. Apply it to your company. Butler Amusements, a Fairfield, Cal.-based carnival company, has always prided itself on having the cleanest trucks in the business and has built a brand around the slogan: “The Cleanest Show in the West.”

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