6 Smart Ways to Attract Quality Interns

6 Smart Ways to Attract Quality Interns

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Finding a good internship is not only important for the intern but the company that is doing the hiring. For a potential intern finding a good company means that you are gaining experience you need for your future career, and hopefully a foot in the door for a long term relationship i.e a job offer. What is rarely taken into consideration is what the company will be getting in return; besides 3 months of grunt work from the newbie. Ashley Mosley, blogger for Huffington Post and community engagement manager for InternMatch, gives tips for finding good intern matches for your business at a career fair.

Be passionate: it’s contagious
This tip might seem obvious, but it’s so important it needs to be mentioned: be enthusiastic! If your career fair presence could be summed up by a punctuation mark, make sure it’s an exclamation point instead of a period.

You know your company is a great place to work. You know your internship program is a great learning experience for students. Don’t be shy about sharing your passion with interested candidates. Your enthusiasm will be contagious and hopefully infect great interns with an interest in your company.

Get out from behind the desk
You can’t show passion for your company, its culture, and your great internship program if you appear to be hanging back. The reason to attend a career fair, after all, is to connect on a personal level with the best candidates.

Personal connection is why you share videos on your internship hub or connect with candidates on social media. It’s hard to build those personal bonds likely to attract the best people if you’ve put a desk between you and the talent your company needs.

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