Infographic: The Cost of Summer Fun Then and Now

Infographic: The Cost of Summer Fun Then and Now

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Summer is a time to have fun and relax, but nowadays that fun is going to cost you. Take a look at this infographic comparing the price of summer fun in the 1920s to prices today. Did you know you could get a hamburger for 24 cents back in 1935?

You’ll definitely be the center of attention at the next beach party when you share these cool facts.

The cost of summer fun through the years | ketchup: © adirekjob/, polka dots: © Aksenova Tatiana/, small hamburger: © Alexandr/, Pastel sky background: © Anelina/, Lawnmower: © anton_novik/, Kids throwing baseball: © ChromaCo/, Push lawnmower: © Dennis Jacobsen/, Flames: © Doczky/, Astroturf: © Dogholiday/, Baseball bat & glove: © George Dolgikh/, Baseball plate: © Iasha/, Spoon: © Kawia Scharle/, Sprinkles: © Kim Reinick/, Vanilla Ice cream cup: © M. Unal Ozmen/, Chcoclate Ice cream cup: © M. Unal Ozmen/, Vector icecream: © Monkik/, BBQ family: © Robert F. Balazik/, Picnic table bg: © slava17/, Hamburger flag toothpick: © sonia/, Big Hamburger: © stockcreations/, Grill: © tereez/, Vector baseball bat: © Yuliyan Velchev/

*The Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator covers 1913 through the present. These pre-1913 prices were adjusted for inflation using different government data that include 1800 through 2013. Check out the inflation calculator.