Proofreading, An Underused Skill

Proofreading, An Underused Skill

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It was reiterated constantly during your school years that you must proofread your work, but do you actually take the time to do it now? Most people, especially young professionals, will let the computer handle it. Yes, spell check is efficient, but it doesn’t beat the human eye. Brazen Careerist offers tips on how to proofread effectively:

Print it out. That’s right. Just print out the document. For some reason, holding the work in your hands lets you see it differently. The words jump off the page, and typos you didn’t see before become readily apparent.

Editing is such an underrated part of the writing process. It’s not enough to skim through your work and click “send.” In fact, the best writers are also great editors. They pore over what they write to make absolutely sure it’s ready.

This is so important that it’s no stretch to say that your reputation is at stake whenever you attach your name to a piece of writing.

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