4 Excuses to Quit the Job Hunt During the Holiday

Holiday Hangup: 4 Excuses You Shouldn’t Use to Stop Your Job Search

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Holidays can be a tough time for some people. This can be compounded when faced with the prospect of continuing a job search in what is supposed to be a happy time. If you have had no luck landing an interview, excuses will start to present themselves. This is an easy cop out to postpone your job search when you should be giving an extra push. Brazen Careerist details a list of four excuses that you shouldn’t be using this holiday season.

Why bother looking for a job when no one’s hiring?

Despite the old notion that nobody hires before the end of the year, the reality is that this is an extremely active time for companies to hire. While reflecting on the current year and planning ahead, managers often realize they’re understaffed. Also, many companies will need to look for new hires just to avoid losing their budget for headcount in the following year. This usually amounts to quite a few companies hustling last-minute to fill some positions.

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