Golf & Tennis Challenge 2015: Day 2 - Fit Friday

Golf & Tennis Challenge 2015: Day 2 – Fit Friday

Today was all about the fitness and fun in the sun. Early risers started their day with a Power Walk and Run while others headed straight to the golf course for Social and Tournament Golf, or hit the courts for the Tennis Accuracy Challenge.

A session participant takes aim with her bow.


A highlight of the morning was the archery session. Archery is a newly added sport at the Golf & Tennis Challenge, so attendees were excited and eager to give it a shot. The instructor opened the class with a word of prayer, a lesson on the history and necessity of archery, and a description of archery culture. Safety was stressed during the session. The instructor offered two specific archery commandments for session participants to keep in mind:

1st Commandment: Never draw back a bow without an arrow in it
2nd Commandment: Never lay a bow on the ground

Then it was time for the participants to try it out for themselves. It wasn’t long before the instruction set in and the talent took over. Each attendee, though beginner level, impressed not only themselves but the instructor with their ability to take direction, exercise patience, and execute. The instructor even commended one participant for having a level of archery talent so rare that only 1 out of 2000 archers obtain it. There was much excitement and camaraderie as everyone tried something new and talked about hoping to do it again.

Moving to the Soca rhythms.


While some were shooting it out, others were sweating it out. The morning Soca workout was a hit. The ladies stretched, wound, and swayed their way through the routine and cool-down. When asked how the class went, the attendees responded with a resounding, “AWESOME!”

There was no better way to culminate a long day of sporting and competition than with fencing. Session participants were afforded the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of fencing with classical fencers who offered this advice:

  1. Mind your posture and stay relaxed.
  2. Don’t rush so you’re aware of what you’re doing and can remain deliberate in your actions.
  3. Always stay at a comfortable distance from your opponent.


In addition to archery, Soca, and fencing, many Challenge attendees took advantage of the spin studio and the Pilates barre session. Those who had the opportunity to try out these new Challenge fitness activities were left exhilarated and ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

Fencing class participants practicing their form.