Fun, Creative Ways to Put Law Degree to Use

6 Fun and Creative Ways to Make Use of a Law Degree

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When most people think of law firms, they envision stuffy environments filled with monotony and boredom. But don’t buy into that limited career vision. In pursuing law degrees, these professionals have spent years strengthening skills that can be applied to almost any industry.

Brazen Careerist gives six careers where you can make use of a law degree — in fun and creative environments:

Sports Agent: If you’re passionate about a particular sport, why not leverage that into a career? While there isn’t any particular certification required to become a sports agent, most sports agents actually have law degrees. Being an agent requires negotiating contracts, arranging financial matters, legal consulting and public relations–all areas where having a law degree would come in handy.

To become a successful agent, you’ll need a working knowledge of contract and sports law, and possibly the willingness to shout “Show me the money!” into your phone.

Entertainment Lawyer: A career in entertainment law might not be the typical Hollywood dream, but entertainment lawyers get to work with actors, musicians and creative types on a daily basis. In this role, your responsibilities would include contract negotiations, defending against breaches of contract, protecting a client’s public image, protecting the client against financial difficulties and possibly even defending against the occasional drug conviction, trashed motel room or class action lawsuit from angry fans.

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