Your Football Obsession Can Lead to Dream Gig

Football Fanatics Please Apply: How Your Sports Obsession Can Be a Job-Seeking Plus

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Are you an avid football fan? There’s much planning and strategy that goes into orchestrating a successful play, gaining a few yards or getting a touchdown. It takes patience, organization, planning, and execution which are all skills that can be applied to your job interview. Brazen Careerist has created a playbook to apply your football knowledge to the job interview process and score a career touchdown.

Create a game plan: It’s important to know your opponent before you face them on the field. Create a detailed game plan for your interview. Researching the company, writing out questions to ask and learning more about your interviewer are some of the ways that you can create a comprehensive game plan.

Your game plan will help you in your interview for a number of reasons, the biggest being that it will reduce the chances of you being caught off-guard during the interview.  I like to research the interview process for the specific position and company, often finding some of the specific interview questions that will be asked. Overall, developing your game plan makes you well-prepared for anything the interview process may throw at you.

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